Kotoura-san: it has it’s UP comings!



The thought of powers has always pondered in my mind. That delusion of being gifted in some supernatural way would make my life easier and more substantial. Well in any case, it isn’t all great for a young girl named Kotoura. A lonely girl walking towards school like any other child, too many it’s just an ordinary day. For one it’s just another lonely dark day to forget about. We see this young girl walking alone while in the background many kids are near group of friends. I wonder why is this character so isolated by many children? You can see her walking up the pathway and there’s a circular formation away from her as if she is a cursed omen. She has no emotion at all with a stoic face, with an apathetic expression that shows no emotion at all, everything just looks dead in her eyes. The first thing I felt was dreaded and pitiful that scene felt and somewhat eerie. It felt like this wasn’t the anime I saw on the roster and felt like nothing in the description almost.

After this scene there and out, This is where all my emotions and feels get played into place. We are rewind-ed back into time to Kotoura’s earliest memories starting from birth. Where things weren’t so dark and everything is just so bright. You see Kotoura being so fortunate and having everything; a great family, home, loving parents, grandfather and even having friends. When your looking at her, she is just so precious not to hate and wonder how did everything go from this to shit? Kotoura is born with some sort of power that let’s her read minds. At first she isn’t aware she has this power and her parents are just shaking it off as skepticism. What appears to be something gifted can be very odious to others. As more time passes by, people start to hate the powers Kotoura posses.


As more people become aware Kotoura does possess an ability to read into minds, people become very insecure and bothersome by her. Friendships get torn down and classmates start picking on her as if she’s a freak. She calls out people’s thoughts in front of them and she doesn’t even know that’s she is consciously reading their minds. She didn’t intent to hurt her friends nor classmates feelings, she just thought she was replying to people’s thoughts. When her parents are called to Parent-Teacher meetings, Kotoura seems to be very bothersome to the class and sadly even deep within the staff’s mind start despising her. Being out casted, everyday becomes harsher for her and the problems leads back home too. Her Mother being afraid and concerned takes her to multiple psychologists, pediatricians, and doctors can not find out what’s wrong. Things get worser at home when Kotoura even find out her parents have secrets. With her parents not able to confront their honesty to each other, Kotoura is blame once again and neglected by her own loving parents. Confused, scared and lonely Kotoura is going through, she feels so depressed. Eventually her own birth parents leave her alone with her Grandfather, leaving her in tears…


At this point, I’m very sadden and even want to reach out to her. But as the viewer you are hopeless and just bear to watch. What I’ve been writing about, was only the first ten minutes of the episode. Kind of similar to the movie UP, except more emotional to me in my opinion as a child is going through so much downfall at a young age. With an anime I didn’t feel so hyped, it made me so emotional that I was about to cry in the first five minutes. I was told this was a Love Comedy series, but all I got was a sad memoir…

After all the down events in Kotoura’s life, she manages to live on and tries to start again. She transfers schools, move away alone from her grandfather and begins her new life. Starting her new school life, she face some of the same problems. Kotoura has become cold as she doesn’t want to be friends with anyone anymore even when her new classmates try to greet her. Well since this anime is labeled Comedy-Romance, where is the comedy and love interest come in? Well out of all her classmates, there is one random guy sitting in the corner of the classroom (Typical anime sitting) who appears random, The boy’s name is Manabe and he has very fond attraction to Kotoura. He is silly, perverted and likes to thinks sexual thoughts. As the only person that likes Kotoura at this point, She kind of likes him back but with her past she doesn’t want Manabe to be hurt. Manabe refuses to leave her and tries to be by her side no matter what happens.


To me the Romance sounds generic as this idea is played out in many other animes, with the I will never leave your side and I can’t be with you because you’ll get hurt, but at the same time it’s cute. I did enjoy the first ten minutes of the episode as it was tear jerker and empathetic. It was just unexpected what I saw briefly in the beginning and it felt like the other half didn’t kind of mix too well… I guess I don’t like Tragedy transitioning to some light hearted comedy too fast. Yeah I did have some giggles with Manabe’s silly behaviour and some animations antics but it’s nothing worth hyping about. I felt like it had potential at first to play something different with the story, but no it’s like were going to do a Schindler’s list than try doing the Royal Tenebaums right afterwards with storyboard. It just doesn’t contrast with me at all, I’m probably praising the first 10 minutes to much. Well I can’t complain since this AIC and it’s on a smaller budget with an episode limit. Being directed by Masahiko Oota, who previously done Yuru Yuri and Mitsudomoe theres a chance the comedy can stick out more and the romance already feels played out. Well I’m keeping this in my watch list and hopefully it will peak over my expectations again.