The JET Programme and Abroad Teaching

big booby senseiAs many of you who are into Anime and Manga, you may have thoughts of wanting to tour in Japan or even greater, live there!

If you are on this blog and reading this post, chances are Anime/Manga is your stepping stone into Japanese culture. There are multiple ways to have a sponsored stay in Japan, such as well known programs as the JET and various other organizations. Continue reading


Update as of October 2013

169800-anime-paradise-lazy-girl¬†Hello guys, It’s been awhile since I’ve composed a post on certain social media press. As of still today, I am group less in the AniBlogging community. But I am certain that the time will come, when I’ll find a group. For now I am still wandering throughout the Anime Blogs and muster my strength on joining one.

Sorry for the long Hiatus!